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Very interested in taking up the part of Tasslehoff, if this RPG is still accepting!

Honestly, I can't see what the man was so angry about. It wasn't as though I'd forced his monkey to jump into my backpack and have a look around the fairgrounds with me. All I did was invite the poor little guy to tag along! After all, who wants to stand around doing tricks all day, even if they are spectacular? Sure, seeing a monkey dance and do back-flips and clap and even tip his hat to the crowd is fantastic, but even monkeys get bored. I forgot to ask his owner about his name, so I named him Melvin, after my great-cousin Melvin Butterbark, who always loved his pie, especially banana cream. Cousin Melvin was always the best at pie eating contests- he could down twelve pies in two shakes of a lamb's tail, and still have room for tea!

Melvin (the monkey) and I were having a wonderful time, peeking into all the stalls, but Caramon and Sturm found us and made me take Melvin home for his nap. Boy, you should have seen Melvin's owner's face, when we went back! It got as red as fresh tomato soup! I suppose he was just worried, but there was no need to shout for the guards and call me a.. a thief! The nerve, of some people! I would have given him a sound piece of my mind, believe me, but Sturm thought it was a better idea to not let it spoil my day, and he invited me to practice marching with him. Can you believe it?! What fun! Just like a real Solamnic Knight in Training! I said just that, to Sturm, and he 'ahem'd a few times, and glared at Caramon for laughing- really, I didn't see what was all that funny, so I glared at him (just to show Sturm how very serious I was taking my training) too before I started the march. I got to lead and everything!

But, I'd only gotten through about a quarter of the marching songs I knew before Sturm and Caramon told me it was time for a break. They were both looking very sticky and very tired, so I thought it was best if I ran ahead to fetch them some water. I was going to go and bring them back something to drink, but then I saw this lady eating fire. Real fire! She was swallowing it like she was a dragon! The Dragon Lady! Wouldn't it be grand if I was the Dragon Kender?! Eater of Flames, Master of Heat, Licker of Hot Coals!?

"I'll be right back!"
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