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Interested in possibly playing an original character, are any of the ages active yet?

Hi all,

Having read the books I think it might be hard to play one of the pre-existing characters, but I would be in for playing an original character in the Dragonlance setting. I just picked up the new d20 Dragonlance Campaign Setting book and I like how they have managed to set things up so that you can play during any time period. Nice flexibility with the races and classes as well.

I can do a more detailed description later if my character choice is allowed, but I will just sketch it out briefly at first if you think it would imbalance things in any way.

The character I had in mind is a Gully Dwarf Wizard named Pook. Basically the backstory is that he lives in Xak Tsaroth and is part of one of the lowest Gully Dwarf clans there, Clan Zubb. They are the lowest of the low, living in the sewers and subsiding on the refuge of the other clans. Pook managed to have as comfortable a life as can be expected since he was a decent hunter/forager and was strong enough to muscle himself some food at the end of the day.

[Here is the part that may unbalance things, but is sort of essential to the character concept]

Young Pook was born with more intelligence than your average Gully Dwarf [14 after modifiers] and attracted the notice of Reorx who has always hoped that some day he could find a way to pull his most estranged children out of the muck. He came to Pook in the guise of 'Tallstaff' and began teaching him in the ways of magic... or rather beating the ideas into the poor gully dwarfs naturally resistant brain. All in hopes that he might go out and learn from the world and hopefully some day come back and help his people rise out of the dirt and grime.

The rest depends on the character level that we start at. I suppose he could start as a commoner or warrior and as Reorx teaches him he eventually ends up as a first level Wizard. If we are starting at higher levels, he might be a first level fighter [or rogue or warrior] and a fourth level Wizard... finally urged to leave Xak Tsaroth and take the tests at the Tower of High Sorcery by Tallstaff [imagine how much they would freak when he showed up! :)]. I'm pretty flexible. The Age that we place him in could be pretty much any time, though if he was started in the Fifth Age he would need to discover the tower first before he could take the tests. [I could just see Dalamar's face. :p]

Let me know what you guys think. I know it is a little out there, but it sounds like a fun character to me. Should be interesting to play a Gully Dwarf that actually has potential to grow during the game and possibly even learn to say a sentence properly... but until that day it will be a hoot saying stuff like:

"That me rat... Pook strong, you little blubber gut!" puffs out his chest and raises his eyebrow, "Me have rat now?"
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